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Introducing the MailCoin digital currency to facilitate mail processes throughout the world!
Decentralized supply chain platform powered by blockchain and smart contract technology


Mail has long been one of our main methods of communication and delivery. Postal Services deliver personal letters, bills, magazines, advertising mail, packages and many other items all over the globe. As the world becomes closer through online communications, the need for mail and packages to be efficiently transferred with accountability, transparency, and low fees becomes critical for consumers and businesses. MailCoin was created to enable mail to take advantage of blockchain technology as an asset backed token.

Our belief is that long-term, mail works best as a token. With MailCoin we expect to see Global Postal Communications Improve, Automated Supply Chain via Smart Contracts, 24/7 Financial Trading, Minimal Fees and Currency Risks, Instant Settlement, and increased access for the 2 Billion potential ‘Unbankable’ postal users.


Receive payments directly to your MailCoin store without long way periods.


No expensive transaction fees for your purchases.


All transactions are stored on the blockchain so you can be certain they are valid.

Open API

Any developer around the world who applies can develop with the MailCoin API.

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Store Value

Users and businesses can hold Bitcoin, Ethereum, MailCoin and Fiat on their MailCoin wallet. Users can also transfer their various balances to other wallets.

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Add Inventory

Businesses can add their inventory and consumers can shop. All businesses and customers must be approved to be able to access the MailCoin store.

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Track Supply Chain

All items that go through the MailCoin store are tracked using smart contracts so businesses and consumers can both see the location of the item in real time.


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Our background is in innovation.

Our team of industry experts represent some of the largest and most active businesses in the postal services supply chain who have a history of innovation in the postal industry. We are familiar with the high fees of doing business in the traditional system and are building MailCoin to solve our own problems.

Tom Becker

Founder and CEO

Tiffany Narwick Krivos

VP Business Development


Greg Morton


Robert Doyle


Michael Gord



The companies below are the ones who currently represent consortium nodes

  • ShipShapes
  • ImageWorks Manufacturing
  • Calmack Group

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